The revival of a craftsmanship that has been forgotten for over a century.

The Distillerie de Québec was born more than 5 years ago from the expertise of Christophe Légasse and David Lévesque, who both committed their knowledge and enthusiasm toward creating quality unique products with a regional taste. Their combined interests in spirits, the production processes and the new phenomenon of micro distilling has lead this project from a simple idea to the start of the enterprise in 2016.


An urban distillery

The Distillerie de Québec is travelling back in time, visiting the era of Nouvelle-France when distillers were producing rum and whisky in several boroughs of the city. From the beginning of the colony to this present day, Québec has a rich and complex history of beer and spirits production. Often unknown, our local history has now become a fascinating source of inspiration that drives us in our creative vocation. The ideas and the ingredients for our recipes are rooted in our terroir, but also from all around the globe, just like it has always been, as Quebec is a maritime trading city. For us, the history is in the bottle.



The history of our city and its inhabitants define our purpose. Hence, our spirits are produced in small batches which allow us to ensure top-quality in every bottle. We are proud to be a distillery that is dedicated to the mastery of a quality-focused production, which is what we ow you. We are looking forward to share this experience with you!

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