A concept and a way of life

The concept of the Trait-Carré refers to an urban planning unique in North America. Located back then in the heart of Notre-Dame-des-Anges seigneury, the Jesuits reproduced this urban planning of dividing the land in a star-shaped way. The aim of this idea was to regroup the inhabitants at the center of the Trait-Carré, thus offering a better protection and allowed the pooling of their resources.


Converging flavours and craftsmanship

It is this theme of reunification that has inspired us to create our gin, that is the outcome of a long research and multiples experiences on aromatics in order to establish a gin profile truly balanced and unique.


The spirit of Quebec

The Trait-Carré gin is made from the ingredients of 14 botanicals to create a balanced and refreshing gin. This unique blend of ingredients, from the Quebec terroir and exotic countries, is a reflection of the maritime trade history, the mark of our region. Made with a high precision, the Trait-Carré gin can be enjoyed straight or can bring any cocktail to a new level.

The history is in the bottle.



Juniper berries • Coriander seeds • Bitter orange peels • Grapefruit peels • Sea-buckthorn berries • Elderberries • Sweet clover • Hibiscus flower • Chamomile flowers • Peppery Green Alder • Angelica root • Iris root • Cardamom

interieur Trait-Carré

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